VA to Volts – Calculator, Formula, example and table

This tool easily converts VA to volts, you just have to enter some basic parameters in the online calculation tool.

To facilitate the understanding of the tool, we show examples of VA to Volt , the formula of VA to Volts that should be used, how to perform the conversion in 1 step and a table with the most common equivalences.

Formula of conversion from VA to Volts:

va a Voltios formula

  • AC = Amps.
  • L-L = Voltage Line-Line.
  • L-N = Line-Neutral Voltage.
  • VA (1Ø) = Kilovoltio-Amperes monofasico.
  • VA (2Ø) = Kilovoltio-biphasic amp.
  • VA (3Ø) = Kilovoltio-Ampere trifasico.

How to convert from VA to Volts in 1 step:

How to convert from VA to Volts in 1 step


Step 1:

Only the variables between them should be divided depending on the type of load (single-phase, two-phase or three-phase). For example: A three-phase sound system has a power of 3000VA and 7.5Amp, to find the voltage you must use the formula of three-phase equipment as follows: 3000VA / (√3 × 7.5Amp), resulting in = 230.9 Volts.


Examples of VA to volt conversions:

Example 1:

A monophasic gym climber has a power of 1550VA and has an amperage of 13Amp, how many Volts will the equipment have ?.

Answer: // You must divide the variables, the power between the amps, in the following way: 1550VA / 13Amp = 119Voltios.

Example 2:

A three-phase welding equipment has a power of 4800VA and an amperage of 12Amp, how many Volts will the welding equipment have ?.

Answer: // To find the answer you must divide the variables as follows 4800VA / (20Ampx√3), the result will be: 230Voltios.

Example 3:

A motor of a biphasic water source has a power of 2450VA and an amperage of 10Amp, how many volts will this motor have ?.

Answer: // The formula must be used for two-phase loads as follows: 2450VA / (10Ampx2) = 122VA.

Note: If you could notice it is very important to differentiate between line-line voltage and line-neutral voltage otherwise the results may be erroneous, so we suggest verifying the requested in the table before entering the values, it can also be useful Conversion calculator of Volts Linea-Linea a Linea -neutro.

VoltioAmperios to Volts equivalence table (Amperes = 10Amp, AC, 3F):

How many VA are:Equivalence in volts:
2078 VA120 Volts
2200 VA127 Volts
3811 VA220 Volts
4157 VA240 Volts
4798 VA277 Volts
7621 VA440 Volts
10392 VA600 Volts
17321 VA1000 Volts
25981 VA1500 Volts
72053 VA4160 Volts
86603 VA5000 Volts
131982 VA7620 Volts
138564 VA8000 Volts
197454 VA11400 Volts
228631 VA13200 Volts
259808 VA15000 Volts
381051 VA22000 Volts
433013 VA25000 Volts
519615 VA30000 Volts
597558 VA34500 Volts
606218 VA35000 Volts
692820 VA40000 Volts
796743 VA46000 Volts
995929 VA57500 Volts
1143154 VA66000 Volts
1195115 VA69000 Volts
1991858 VA115000 Volts
2390230 VA138000 Volts
3983717 VA230000 Volts

Note: Previous conversions are made from a 10 Amp amperage and three phase AC power. For different variables you should use the online calculator that appears at the beginning.


How to use the VA to Volts calculator:

The first thing is to choose the number of phases, then you must enter the data shown on the left side of the table, it is important to review what is requested in the table, then you must enter the power and amperage, finally click on calculate .

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