Voltages and phases for electrical equipment

Electrical equipment is commonly connected to single-phase, two-phase and three-phase systems with different voltages, it is very important to identify the number of phases to which the voltage refers, because there are cases in which there are equal voltages but different number of phases. For example, the case of the 220V voltage that in the …

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AWG to mm2 equivalences for electrical cables and conductors

AWG a mm2

With this tool you will know what is the equivalence of AWG (North American dimensions) to mm² (European dimensions) for cables and electrical conductors. In reality there is no exact correspondence between these two types of measurement since the specifications of both systems differ in terms of specification and resistance, however with the following application …

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Impedance Z calculator, formula and table according to IEC

Impedance Z calculator formula and table according to IEC

This impedance calculator calculates the Z in alternating currents, taking into account the resistance and inductive reactance of the load. It also shows the  impedance formula  used in this tool, the  impedance definition  and the impedance table of transformers according to IEC standard. Formula for the calculation of impedance: The electrical impedance (Z), is the total opposition that a circuit presents to the …

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