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For greater ease we explain that formula is used for the calculation, how to perform the conversion in only 1 step , some examples and a table with the main conversions from kVA to Amperes.

kVA to Amps calculation formula for generator and transformer:formula from convert kva to amp

  • AC = Amps.
  • LL = Line-Line Volts.
  • LN = Line-Neutral Volts.
  • AC1Ø = Current / Amps 1 phase.
  • AC2Ø = Current / Amps 2 phases.
  • AC3Ø = Current / Amps 3 phases.
  • (kVA) = Kilovoltio-Amperes.

How to convert from kVA to Ampere in only 1 step:

how to converter kva to ampere

Step 1:

You must multiply the kVA by 1000 and divide the result between the voltage shown by the formula according to the system you have, monofasic, biphasic or three-phase.

For example, a three-phase transformer of 45kVA, has a voltage in low tension of 208Voltios (LL), to obtain the amperage it must multiply 45kVAx1000 and then divide the result between the AC voltage by √3 (square root of 3), being of the following way: (45kVAx1000) / (208Voltx√3) = 124.91Amp).

Examples of kVA to Amps conversions:

Example 1:

A mill of 120 Volts (LN) has a power of 4kVA,  how many amps does it have?.

Rta: // First you must choose the indicated formula, which will be for monophasic equipment that is: kVAx1000 / V LN then simply replace the values ​​in the formula, leaving as follows: 4kVAx1000 / 120Voltios, the result will be: 33.33Ampere

Example 2:

A three-phase food crusher has a power of 8kVA and a voltage of 220Volts, how many amps does the crusher have?

Rta: // You must multiply initially 8kVAx1000, and the result must be divided by 220Vx√3, resulting in: 20,99Amp.

Example 3:

A biphasic industrial blender, has a power of 2,5kVA and a line-to-line voltage of 240Volts and a line-neutral voltage of 120Volts, what amperage does the blender have ?.

Rta: // Simply enter the information supplied to the calculator, power: 2,5kVA, Line-Neutral voltage: 120Volts, biphasic (2F), the result will be: 10.42Ampere.

kVA to amperes, table for conversion, equivalence, transformation (3F, 220Volt) :

How many kVA are:Ampere Equivalence
1 kVAEquivalent to 2.62 Amp.
2 kVA5.25 Amp.
3 kVA7.87 Amp.
4 kVA10.50 Amp.
5 kVA13.12 Amp.
6 kVA15.75 Amp.
7 kVA18.37 Amp.
8 kVA20,99 Amp.
9 kVA23.62 Amp.
10 kVA26.24 Amp.
20 kVA52.49 Amp.
30 kVA78.73 Amp.
40 kVA104.97 Amp.
50 kVA131.22 Amp.
60 kVA157.46 Amp.
70 kVA183.70 Amp.
80 kVA209.95 Amp.
90 kVA236.19 Amp.
100 kVA262.43 Amp.
200 kVA524.86 Amp.
300 kVA787.30 Amp.
400 kVA1049.73 Amp.
500 kVA1312.16 Amp.
600 kVA1574.59 Amp.
700 kVA1837.02 Amp.
800 kVA2099.46 Amp.
900 kVA2361.89 Amp.
1000 kVA2624.32 Amp.
2000 kVA5248.64 Amp.
3000 kVA7872.96 Amp.
4000 kVA10497.28 Amp.
5000 kVA13121.60 Amp.
6000 kVA15745.92 Amp.
7000 kVA18370.24 Amp.

Note: the previous table of conversions only applies for three-phase loads (3F) with a voltage of 220Volts, for variables different from the previous ones, the calculator should be used.


How to use the calculator from kVA to Amps:

Initially you must enter the kVA you want to convert to amps, then you must choose the number of phases 1,2,3 (Monofasic, biphasic or three phase) (It is important that once you choose the number of phases, be aware of the voltage to enter, LL or LN, this depends on the correct information delivered by the tool) , then you must enter the voltage of the equipment and finally click on calculate, if you want to enter a new information you just have to click on restart.

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