Capacitive reactance calculator Xc, formula and examples

Capacitive reactance calculator Xc

With this capacitive reactance calculator you can calculate Xc, from the frequency and capacitance. To improve understanding, we show the formula used, the definition and some examples.  The formula that is used for the calculation of the capacitive reactance is the following: Where: Xc = Capacitive reactance in ohms, (Ω) π (pi) = 3.142 …

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Calculation electric short circuit of single-phase and three-phase

Calculation electric short circuit

With this calculator you can know the short-circuit level of single-phase or three-phase electric transformer. In addition to the calculation is also the  formula that is used for the calculation of short circuit , we explain  how to calculate the short circuit level in 1 step , we list some  calculation examples  and present the  table with the most common short circuit …

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how to convert kva to kw in 3 phase and 1, 2 phase

kva to kw convert in only step

We explained how to perform the conversion from kVA to kW in a simple step by step, besides analyzing some examples and giving the most common values ​​of the power factor to facilitate the conversion. To convert from kVA to kW you must have two variables: kVA and power factor, then you simply multiply kVAxFactor …

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