Millivolts to volts – Automatic calculator with table, formula and examples

With this calculator you can convert online from millivolts to volts easily, you will only have to enter the values ​​in the calculator.

We explain how to perform the conversion of millivolts to volts in 1 step, with the formula , a table of the main conversions and examples of calculation of millivolts to volts.

Formula to convert or pass, calculate and transform from millivolts to volts:

formula millivolts to volts english

  • Volt = volts.
  • Millivolts.


How to use the millivolt to volt calculator:

It is very simple, you just have to enter the millivolts that you want to convert and click on the convert button, if you want to change the data you can click on restart.


How to convert or switch from millivolts to Volts in just 1 step:

how to convert milivolts to volts in one stephow to convert milivolts to volts in one step

Step 1:

You must divide the millivolts by 1000. This is an example: if you have an electronic circuit with a voltage of 300 millivolts, you must divide 300 by 1000 and the result will be 0.3Volts.


Examples of millivolt to volt conversions:

Example 1:

There is a microprocessor of 400 millivolts and 10 milliliters, how many volts are the millicolts of the microprocessor ?.

Rta: // You must divide the millivolts between 1000, 400 millivolts / 1000, the result will be 0.4 volts. 400/1000 = 0.4V.

Example 1:

There is a prototype cell that requires 1200 millivolts, in volts how much would it be?

Rta: // Simply divide 1200 by 1000, the result will be 1.2Volt.

Example 3:

An electronic equipment for a television requires 4000 millivolts to work, these millivolts to how many volts equals ?.

Rta: // You only have to divide millivolts among 1000, which will result in 4Volts.


Millivolts to volts equivalence table:

How many Millivolts are:Equivalence in Volts:
100 MillivoltsEquivalent to 0.1 Volts
200 Millivolts0.2 Volts
300 Millivolts0.3 Volts
400 Millivolts0.4 Volts
500 Millivolts0.5 Volts
600 Millivolts0.6 Volts
700 Millivolts0.7 Volts
800 Millivolts0.8 Volts
900 Millivolts0.9 Volts
1000 Millivolts1 Volt
2000 Millivolts2 Volts
3000 Millivolts3 Volts
4000 Millivolts4 Volts
5000 Millivolts5 Volts
6000 Millivolts6 Volts
7000 Millivolts7 Volts
8000 Millivolts8 Volts
9000 Millivolts9 Volts
10000 Millivolts10 Volts
20000 Millivolts20 Volts
30000 Millivolts30 Volts
40000 Millivolts40 Volts
50000 Millivolts50 Volts
60000 Millivolts60 Volts
70000 Millivolts70 Volts
80000 Millivolts80 Volts
90000 Millivolts90 Volts
100000 Millivolts100 Volts


Definitions of millivolts and volts:


It is a unit of potential difference equal to one thousandth (10^3) of a volt.


It is the unit of potential equal to the potential difference between two points in a conductor that carries a current of 1 ampere when the power dissipated between the two points is 1 watts; equivalent to the potential difference through a resistance of 1 ohm when 1 ampere of current flows through it.

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