AWG to mm2 equivalences for electrical cables and conductors

AWG a mm2

With this tool you will know what is the equivalence of AWG (North American dimensions) to mm² (European dimensions) for cables and electrical conductors. In reality there is no exact correspondence between these two types of measurement since the specifications of both systems differ in terms of specification and resistance, however with the following application …

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Area Calculator for automatic circle and circumference online

Area Calculator

With this calculator you can easily know the area of ​​a circle or circumference from several variables, such as: Radius, Diameter or Length of the circumference. In addition to the calculator you will find 3 different ways to calculate the area of ​​a circle and many practical examples.  Formulas to calculate the area of …

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Calculator circle radio, formulas, examples and definitions

To calculate the radius of a circle, three different formulas can be used, depending on the Area, the diameter or the length of the circumference. But do not worry, with this calculator you can know the radio automatically, if you want more details we also have the formulas and some examples.  Formulas to calculate …

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