Calculator Volts to kVA – Formula, examples and chart

Calculating from volts to kVA is very simple, in this article you will find how to convert Volts to kVA automatically, only by entering some parameters in the online calculation tool.

To make things easier, some illustrative examples are shown, the formula that must be used, how to perform the conversion in two simple steps and a chart with the most common equivalences.

Formula to convert and change from Volts to kVA:

formula volts to kva

  • AC = Amps.
  • LL = Line-Line Voltage.
  • LN = Line-Neutral Voltage.
  • (kVA 1Ø) = Kilovoltio-Amperes monofasico.
  • (kVA 2Ø) = Kilovoltio-biphasic Amps.
  • (kVA 3Ø) = Three-phase Kilovoltio-Amperes.

How to convert from Volts to kVA in only 2 steps:

How to convert from Volts to kVA in only 2 steps

Step 1:

First you must multiply the variables of current (I), voltage LL or voltage FF and the root of three (√3).

Step 2:

The second is to divide the result of step 1 by 1000. For example: A stamping machine has a current of 40.25Amp and a voltage of 208V, to find the kVA multiply 40.25Ampx208Vx√3 and divide the result by 1000 , being of the following form: 40,25Ampx208Vx√3 / 1000 = 14,5kVA.

Examples of conversions from volts to kVA:

Example 1:

A monophasic industrial TV has an amperage of 20Amp and a voltage of 127Volt, how many kVA will the television have ?.

Answer: // The first thing to do is multiply the variables of amps by volts, as follows: 20Ampx127V = 2540, then you must divide the previous result by 1000, in the following way: 2540/1000 = 2, 54kVA.

Example 2:

A three-phase hydraulic pump has an amperage of 23Amp and a voltage of 220Volts, how many kVA will the pump have ?.

Answer: // We must multiply 23Ampx220Voltx√3 and divide the previous result by 1000, the result will be: 8.76kVA.

Example 3:

A hydraulic lift has an amperage of 19 Amp and a voltage of 277 Volts, how many kVA will the elevator have ?.

Answer: // To know the answer, the variables must be multiplied and divided in the following way: 19x277x√3 / 1000 = 9,12kVA.

Table of equivalences of Volts to kVA (Amperes = 10Amp, AC, 3F):

How many Volts are:Equivalence kVA
120 VoltsEquivalent to 2 kVA
127 Volts2 kVA
220 Volts4 kVA
240 Volts4 kVA
277 Volts5 kVA
440 Volts8 kVA
600 Volts10 kVA
1000 Volts17 kVA
1500 Volts26 kVA
4160 Volts72 kVA
5000 Volts87 kVA
7620 Volts132 kVA
8000 Volts139 kVA
11400 Volts197 kVA
13200 Volts229 kVA
15000 Volts260 kVA
22000 Volts381 kVA
25000 Volts433 kVA
30000 Volts520 kVA
34500 Volts598 kVA
35000 Volts606 kVA
40000 Volts693 kVA
46000 Volts797 kVA
57500 Volts996 kVA
66000 Volts1143 kVA
69000 Volts1195 kVA
115000 Volts1992 kVA
138000 Volts2390 kVA
230000 Volts3984 kVA

Note: Previous conversions are made from a 10 Amp amperage and three phase AC power. For different variables you should use the online calculator that appears at the beginning.

How to use the Volt to kVA calculator:

First of all you must choose the number of phases, then you must enter the data that is shown on the left side of the tool, it is important to check what is requested in the table (Bias the type of voltage) because this will depend on the correct result of the calculation, then you must enter the voltage and finally the amperage.

Qualify calculator from Volts to kVA:  [kkstarratings]