Phase-neutral volt to phase-phase or Line-neutral to line-line calculator

With this calculator you can convert volts Linea-neutral to line-line automatically, easily and free, for greater ease in the calculator the word Phase is similar to Linea.

Here you can find the formula used in the Line-Neutral to Linea-Line Volts calculation, the steps to go from the Neutral-Linea to Linea-Linea Volts with some examples and a table with Line-Neutral to Linea Volts conversions -Line.

Formula Volt Phase-Neutral to Phase-Phase:

volt L-N to L-L

  • LN = Volts line-neutral.
  • LL = Volts line-line.

How to convert Phase-Neutral Volt to Phase-Phase in 1 single step:

How to convert Voltage from Phase- Neutral to Phase-Phase in 1 step only

Step 1:

You must do is multiply the Linea-Neutral Voltage (Phase-Neutral) by root of 3 (√3). Example: An electric heater has a Phase-Neutral voltage of 254V, to know the phase-phase voltage of the heater simply multiply 254V by √3, remaining as follows: 254Vx√3, resulting in 440Voltios Linea-Linea.

Examples of Phase- Neutral Phase-Phase Voltage Conversion:

Example 1:

A compressor has a Line-to-Neutral voltage of 360Volts, how many volts Linea a Linea has the compressor ?.

Answer: // The calculation of Linea-Line voltage of the compressor requires multiplication of Linea-Neutral voltage by root of three in the following way: V LL = 360V * √3, which will result in 624 Volts Linea-Linea.

Example 2:

A steel industry has a Phase-Neutral voltage of 230Volts, how much will be the Phase-Phase voltage that this industry will have?

Answer: // The answer is known only by multiplying 230Volts per root of 3, in the following way: V LL= 230Vx√3 = 398.4Volts Phase-Phase.

Example 3:

A boiler has a line-to-neutral voltage of 7600Volts, how much line to line voltage will the boiler have?

Answer: // What you must do to know the Voltage line to line is to multiply the line-neutral voltage by √3, by means of the formula V LL = 7600Vx√3, obtaining as a result: 13163Voltios Linea-Linea.

Table of Conversion of Voltage Phase- Neutral to Phase-Phase:

How much Phase-Neutral Voltage areEquivalence Voltage Phase-Phase
120 V (Line-Neutral)Equivalent to 207.8 V (Linea-Linea)
130 V (LN)225.2 V (LL)
137 V (LN)237.3 V (LL)
143 V (LN)247.7 V (LL)
149 V (LN)258.1 V (LL)
229 V (LN)396.6 V (LL)
241 V (LN)417.4 V (LL)
250 V (LN)433.0 V (LL)
264 V (LN)457.3 V (LL)
276 V (LN)478.0 V (LL)
287 V (LN)497.1 V (LL)
299 V (LN)517.9 V (LL)
356 V (LN)616.6 V (LL)
2412 V (LN)4177.7 V (LL)
6592 V (LN)11417.7 V (LL)
7631 V (LN)13217.3 V (LL)
8670 V (LN)15016.9 V (LL)
19929 V (LN)34518.0 V (LL)
25413 V (LN)44016.6 V (LL)
33208 V (LN)57517.9 V (LL)
38115V (LN)66017.1 V (LL)
66405 V (LN)115016.8 V (LL)

How to use the Voltage Phase- Neutral to Phase-Phase calculator:

Only the voltage Linea to neutral that you want to convert must be inserted and then click on the convert button and that’s it.

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