Volts to kilovolts – Calculator and conversion, table, examples and formula

With this online conversion system (online) you can convert from Volts to kilovolts, easily, quickly and free.

We also explain how to convert from volts to kilovolts in 1 step, some examples, the formula that should be used for the calculation and a conversion table from volts to kilovolts.

Formula to convert, pass, calculate and transform from volts to kilovolts, single phase, two phase and three phase:
formula volt to kVolts

kVolts = kilovolts.
V olts = Volts.


How to convert from Volt to kilovolt in only 1 step:

how to convert volts to kvolts

Step 1:

It’s easy, you just have to divide the volts by 1000, for example, if a transformer has a voltage of 13200 volts, you must divide 13200Volt/1000 which will result in 13.2kVolt.


Examples of conversion for volt to kilovolt:

Example 1:

Transmission line of 115000 volts, how many kilovolts is this voltage?

Answer:// It’s very simple you just have to divide the voltage between 10000, in the following way: 115000/1000 = 115kvolts.

Example 2:

An industrial furnace has a voltage of 4160 volts, how many kilovolts is this voltage?

Answer:// You must divide the voltage by 1000, in this way: 4160volts / 1000 = 4.16kilovolts.

Example 3:

A pumping equipment has a voltage of 220 volts, how many kilovolts is this voltage?

Answer:// You must divide 220 volts between 1000, the result will be: 0.220kilovolts.


Table to convert volt to kilovolt, conversion, equivalence, transformation:

How many Volts are: Equivalence in kilovolts
120 Volts Equivalent a 0,12 kilovolts
127 Volts 0,127 kilovolts
220 Volts 0,22 kilovolts
240 Volts 0,24 kilovolts
277 Volts 0,277 kilovolts
440 Volts 0,44 kilovolts
600 Volts 0,6 kilovolts
1000 Volts 1 kilovolts
1500 Volts 1,5 kilovolts
4160 Volts 4,16 kilovolts
5000 Volts 5 kilovolts
7620 Volts 7,62 kilovolts
8000 Volts 8 kilovolts
11400 Volts 11,4 kilovolts
13200 Volts 13,2 kilovolts
15000 Volts 15 kilovolts
22000 Volts 22 kilovolts
25000 Volts 25 kilovolts
30000 Volts 30 kilovolts
34500 Volts 34,5 kilovolts
35000 Volts 35 kilovolts
40000 Volts 40 kilovolts
46000 Volts 46 kilovolts
57500 Volts 57,5 kilovolts
66000 Volts 66 kilovolts
69000 Volts 69 kilovolts
115000 Volts 115 kilovolts
138000 Volts 138 kilovolts
230000 Volts 230 kilovolts


How to use the calculator from Volt to kilovolt:

It’s easy, you just have to enter the volts you want to convert to kilovolts and you give them to convert, if you want to enter new data you must click on restart.

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