Watts to kWh – Convert, conversion, equivalence, table and formula

Automatic Watts to kWh calculator with explanation of formula and main definitions.

In addition to the calculator, it also shows some examples, the main equivalences and the steps for the conversion.

Definitions P (Watts) and kWh:

Kwh = The kilowatt-hour (symbol kWh), is the power in kilo watts multiplied by the time in hours. The kilowatt-hour is commonly used as a power billing unit supplied to consumers by power companies.

P (Watts) = Called active power, it is the power capable of transforming electrical energy into work. The different electrical devices existing convert electrical energy into other forms of energy such as: mechanical, light, thermal, chemical, etc. This power is therefore the actual consumed by the circuits and, consequently, when talking about demand, it is this power that is used to determine such demand.

Formula to convert, calculate, transform Watts to kWh:

formula watts a kwh

Table for conversion, equivalence, transformation from Watts to kWh:

Watts Hrkwh
1 watts1 Hr0,001 kwh
2 watts1 Hr0,002 kwh
3 watts1 Hr0,003 kwh
4 watts1 Hr0,004 kwh
5 watts1 Hr0,005 kwh
6 watts1 Hr0,006 kwh
7 watts1 Hr0,007 kwh
8 watts1 Hr0,008 kwh
9 watts1 Hr0,009 kwh
10 watts1 Hr0,01 kwh
20 watts2 Hr0,04 kwh
30 watts2 Hr0,06 kwh
40 watts2 Hr0,08 kwh
50 watts2 Hr0,1 kwh
60 watts2 Hr0,12 kwh
70 watts2 Hr0,14 kwh
80 watts2 Hr0,16 kwh
90 watts2 Hr0,18 kwh
100 watts2 Hr0,2 kwh
200 watts3 Hr0,6 kwh
300 watts3 Hr0,9 kwh
400 watts3 Hr1,2 kwh
500 watts3 Hr1,5 kwh
600 watts3 Hr1,8 kwh
700 watts3 Hr2,1 kwh
800 watts3 Hr2,4 kwh
900 watts3 Hr2,7 kwh
1000 watts3 Hr3 kwh
2000 watts4 Hr8 kwh
3000 watts4 Hr12 kwh
4000 watts4 Hr16 kwh
5000 watts4 Hr20 kwh
6000 watts4 Hr24 kwh
7000 watts4 Hr28 kwh
8000 watts4 Hr32 kwh
9000 watts4 Hr36 kwh
10000 watts4 Hr40 kwh
20000 watts5 Hr100 kwh
30000 watts5 Hr150 kwh
40000 watts5 Hr200 kwh
50000 watts5 Hr250 kwh
60000 watts5 Hr300 kwh
70000 watts5 Hr350 kwh
80000 watts5 Hr400 kwh
90000 watts5 Hr450 kwh
100000 watts5 Hr500 kwh