kVA to VA – Calculator, How to convert in one step, How many 1 kVA to VA

To convert from kVA to VA you simply multiply the kVA x 1000 or use the quick calculator in this article.

Here you will also find the conversion formula , with some descriptive examples , the main equivalences in a quick table and finally the steps to perform the calculation .


formula kVA a VA

How to convert from kVA to VA in 1 only step.

kVA to VA How to convert in only 1 step

Step 1:

Multiply kVA by 1000. Example, if you have a microwave that consumes 1.2kVA, you must multiply 1.2kVA per 1000, the result will be: 1200VA.

Definition VA and S (kVA):

VA: A Volt-ampere, commonly referred to as a VA, is commonly used as a unit of power in obtaining the electrical capacity of circuit breakers, uninterrupted power supplies and wirings.

VA is larger than Watts because loads are inductive such as motors, discharge lighting, reactors and more current is required to keep the magnetic field energized than is -turned into heat (Watts).

Inductive devices or loads such,. as tansformers and motors having power factor less than 1.0 are generally rated in VA.

kVA=It is the same power previously named (VA) only that is a thousand times greater.

kVA to VA conversion chart:

1 kVA1000 VA
2 kVA2000 VA
3 kVA3000 VA
4 kVA4000 VA
5 kVA5000 VA
6 kVA6000 VA
7 kVA7000 VA
8 kVA8000 VA
9 kVA9000 VA
10 kVA10000 VA
20 kVA20000 VA
30 kVA30000 VA
40 kVA40000 VA
50 kVA50000 VA
60 kVA60000 VA
70 kVA70000 VA
80 kVA80000 VA
90 kVA90000 VA
100 kVA100000 VA
200 kVA200000 VA
300 kVA300000 VA
400 kVA400000 VA
500 kVA500000 VA
600 kVA600000 VA
700 kVA700000 VA
800 kVA800000 VA
900 kVA900000 VA
1000 kVA1000000 VA
2000 kVA2000000 VA
3000 kVA3000000 VA
4000 kVA4000000 VA
5000 kVA5000000 VA
6000 kVA6000000 VA
7000 kVA7000000 VA
8000 kVA8000000 VA
9000 kVA9000000 VA
10000 kVA10000000 VA