Joule to kW – Conversion, formula, examples and table

This is a simple way to convert from Joule to kW, with this calculator you will make the conversion quickly.

In addition we explain the formula that is used in the conversion of Joules to kW, we also show how convert from Joule to kW in 1 step only , some examples of Joules to kW and a table with the main conversions of Joule to kW.

Formula to convert and calculate from Joules to kW, single-phase, two-phase and three-phase:

joule to kW

  • kW: Power unit (symbol: kW).
  • Joule: It is a unit of energy and its symbol is J.
  • S: seconds

How to convert from Joules to kW in 1 single step:

How to convert from Joules to kW in 1 single step

Step 1:

It is a very simple conversion, so all you have to do is divide the Joules between time by 1000 which will convert the joules into kW.

Example: An industrial fryer transforms an energy of 420000Joule every 60 seconds, how much power in kW the fryer has. To know the answer you just have to divide 420000 / (1000 × 60), which will result in: 7kW.


Examples of joule to kW conversions:

Example 1:

A gold mine transforms 650000 Joule in just 60 seconds, how many kW does the mine have?

Answer: // The conversion is made easily with the formula that indicates the following: kW = Joule / (1000xseconds), replacing the variables would be: Watts = 650000/60 = 10.83kW

Example 2:

A compactor transforms the energy of 245000 Joules in 240 Seconds, what will be the power in kW of the compactor ?.

Answer: // Keeping in mind the conversion formula we can replace the variables (Joule: 245000, Time: 240 Seconds), being of the following form 245000/1000 × 240 Seconds, the answer would be then: 1.02kW.

Example 3:

An industry transforms an energy of 780000 joules, in 30 seconds, how much will be the power in kW consumed by the industrial process ?.

Answer: // To obtain the answer you must divide the Joules between time by 1000, therefore, using the online calculator, we can obtain a response of 26kW.


Table of Joules to kW for conversion, equivalence, transformation (Seconds: 60s):

How many Joules:Equivalence in kW:
1000 Joules0.017 kW
2000 Joules0.03 kW
3000 Joules0.050 kW
4000 Joules0.067 kW
5000 Joules0.083 kW
6000 Joules0.100 kW
7000 Joules0,117 kW
8000 Joules0.133 kW
9000 Joules0,150 kW
10000 Joules0.167 kW
20000 Joules0.333 kW
30000 Joules0,500 kW
40000 Joules0.667 kW
50000 Joules0.833 kW
60000 Joules1,000 kW
70000 Joules1,167 kW
80000 Joules1,333 kW
90000 Joules1,500 kW
100000 Joules1,667 kW
110000 Joules1,833 kW
120000 Joules2,000 kW
130000 Joules2,167 kW
140000 Joules2,333 kW
150000 Joules2,500 kW
160000 Joules2,667 kW
170000 Joules2,833 kW
180000 Joules3,000 kW
190000 Joules3,167 kW

Note: In the previous conversions a time of 60 seconds is taken into account. For different variables, the calculator that appears at the beginning must be used.

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