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With this tool you can convert from HP to kVA or also kVA to HP easily, quickly and free any electric power, the calculation takes into account the power factor.

For greater ease we explain that formula is used for the calculation, some examples , how to convert from Hp to kVA in only 3 steps and a table with the main conversions from HP to kVA.

If you do not know the power factor and efficiency of the load in this section we give you the most common values: “power factor” and “efficiency”.

HP to kVA conversion formula:

formula hp a kva

  • H.P=Horsepower.
  • E=Efficiency.
  • P.F=Power factor.
  • S(kVA)=Kilovolt-Ampere


How to convert Hp to kVA in only 3 step:

how to convert hp to kva

Step 1:

Multiply Hp (Horsepower) by 0,746. Example, if you have 100 hp multiply by 0,746 and you get 74,6. (100×0.746=74.6).

Step 2:

Multiply the Power factor by the motor efficiency. For example, if the motor is an efficiency of 80% and the power factor is 0.9, it must Multiply 0.8 (80%) by 0.9 to obtain 0.72. (0.8×0.9=0.72).

Step 3:

Divide step 1 between step 2. Example, ((100×0.746)/(0.9×0.8) = 103,61).


Examples of conversions from Hp to kVA.

Example No 1:

A rock crusher has a power of 40Hp, a power factor of 0.86 and an efficiency of 89%, how many kVA has the rock crusher ?.

Answer: // The first step is to multiply 40 × 0.746, which will result in 29.84, then this result must be divided between the multiplication of the power factor and the efficiency, as follows: 40 × 0.746 / (0.86 × 89 %) = 38.99kVA

Example No 2:

A steel bending machine has a power of 20Hp, with a power factor of 0.82 and an efficiency of 84%, how many kVA will the steel bending machine ?.

Answer: // You must multiply the Hp by 0.746, resulting in 14.92, then multiply the power factor by the efficiency (this value must be in decimals and not in percentage, to pass it simply divides 84% ​​among 100, which gives as result 0.84), continuing with the operation the result will be: 0.688, then you will have to divide the first result between the second, in the following way: 14.92 / 0.68 = 21.15kVA.

Example No 3:

A motor for an electric curtain has a power of 7.4Hp, a power factor of 0.88 and an efficiency of 90%, how many kVA has the motor of the curtain?

Answer: // It’s simple, you just have to enter the previous parameters to the calculator that is shown in this article and you give it to calculate, the result will be 6.97kVA.


Table Hp to kVA of conversion, equivalence, transformation (Efficiency of 85%, power factor of 0.88) :

How many Hp are:Equivalence in kVA:
1 HpEquivalent to 0.997 kVA
2 Hp1,995 kVA
3 Hp2,992 kVA
4 Hp3,989 kVA
5 Hp4,987 kVA
6 Hp5,984 kVA
7 Hp6,981 kVA
8 Hp7,979 kVA
9 Hp8,976 kVA
10 Hp9,973 kVA
20 Hp19,947 kVA
30 Hp29,920 kVA
40 Hp39,893 kVA
50 Hp49,866 kVA
60 Hp59,840 kVA
70 Hp69,813 kVA
80 Hp79,786 kVA
90 Hp89,759 kVA
100 Hp99,733 kVA
200 Hp199,465 kVA
300 Hp299.198 kVA
400 Hp398,930 kVA
500 Hp498,663 kVA
600 Hp598.396 kVA
700 Hp698,128 kVA
800 Hp797,861 kVA
900 Hp897,594 kVA
1000 Hp997.326 kVA
1100 Hp1097.059 kVA
1200 Hp1196,791 kVA
1300 Hp1296.524 kVA
1400 Hp1396.257 kVA
1500 Hp1495.989 kVA
1600 Hp1595,722 kVA
1700 Hp1695,455 kVA
1800 Hp1795,187 kVA

Note : The previous conversions are made with a power factor of 0.88, and an efficiency of 85%. For different variables you should use the calculator that appears at the beginning.


Typical power factor for engines, constructions and appliances.

Typical Un-improved Power Factor by Industry:

IndustryPower Factor
Auto Parts0.75-0.80
Coal Mine0.65-0.80
Machine Manufacturing0.60-0.65
Metalworking 0.65-0.70
Office Building0.80-0.90
Oil field Pumping0.40-0.60
Paint Manufacturing0.65-0.70
Steel Works0.65-0.80
Tool, dies, jigs industry0.65-0.75

Typical power factor of common household electronics:

Electronics devicePower Factor
Magnavox Projection TV – standby0,37
Samsung 70″ 3D Bluray0,48
Digital Picture Frame0,52
ViewSonic Monitor0,5
Dell Monitor0,55
Magnavox Projection TV0,58
Digital Picture Frame0,6
Digital Picture Frame0,62
Digital Picture Frame0,65
Philips 52″ Projection TV0,65
Digital Picture Frame0,73
Xbox Kinect0,75
Xbox 3600,78
Sharp Aquos 3D TV0,95
PS3 Move0,98
Playstation 30,99
Element 41″ Plasma TV0,99
Current large, flat-screen television0,96
Windows-mount air conditioner0,9
Legacy CRT-Based color television0,7
Legacy flat panel computer monitor0,64
While-LED lighting fixture0,61
Legacy laptop power adapter0,55
Laser Printer0,5
Incandescent lamps1
Fluorescent lamps (uncompensated)0,5
Fluorescent lamps (compensated)0,93
Discharge lamps0,4-0,6

Typical Motor Power Factors:

PowerSpeedPower Factor
(hp)(rpm)1/2 load3/4 loadfull load
0 – 518000.720.820.84
5 – 2018000.740.840.86
20 – 10018000.790.860.89
100 – 30018000.810.880.91

Reference // Power Factor in Electrical Energy Management-A. Bhatia, B.E.-2012

Power Factor Requirements for Electronic Loads in California- Brian Fortenbery,2014



Electrical motors constructed according NEMA Design B must meet the efficiencies below:

PowerMinimum Nominal Efficiency1)
1 – 478.8
5 – 984.0
10 – 1985.5
20 – 4988.5
50 – 9990.2
100 – 12491.7
> 12592.4

Reference // http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com

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