Amperes to resistance (Ohm’s law) – Calculator, examples and formula

Converting Amps to resistance with Ohm’s law is easy using this automatic calculator.

Here we explain the formula of Ohm’s law to convert from Amps to resistance, we also show how to convert from Amps to resistance in 1 step , some examples of Amps to resistance and a table with the main Amps to resistance conversions.

Formula to convert amps to resistance (Ohm Law):

formula of ohm amperaje to resistencia

  • R = Resistance in Ohm.
  • I = Current in Amperes.
  • V = Voltage.


How to convert from Amps to Resistance in 1 step only :

How to convert from Amps to Resistance in 1 step only

Step 1:

The simplest way to convert from Amps to resistance, is by the formula of Ohm’s law, dividing the voltage between the current.

For example, if you have an electronic processor with a voltage of 5V DC and an amperage of 0.2 Amp, you must divide 5 by 0.2, as follows 5 / 0.2 = 25 ohm.


Examples of Amps to resistance conversions:

Example 1:

A micropocessor has a voltage of 8V and an amperage of 0.1A, what would be the resistance of this microprocessor ?.

Answer: // To know the answer you must divide the voltage between the current in the following way: 8V / 0.1A = 80 ohm.

Example 2:

A battery of an electric bicycle has a voltage of 12V and an amperage of 7.5Amp, what is the resistance of the battery ?.

Answer: : // To perform the conversion you must divide the voltage between the amps, as indicated by the law of ohm as follows: 12V / 7.5A = 1.6 ohm.

Example 3:

A cell phone has a voltage of 3.5 V and 2.4 Amp, how much resistance will the cell phone equipment have?

Answer: : // It’s easy you just have to divide the voltage between the amperage as indicated in the formula: 3.5V / 2.4A, which will result in: 11.46 ohm.


Table of amps to resistance (Volts: 10Amp):

How many amps are: Equivalence in resistance (Ohm)
1.5 Amp Equals 6.67 Ohm
2.5 Amp 4.00 Ohm
3.5 Amp 2.86 Ohm
4.5 Amp 2.22 Ohm
5.5 Amp 1.82 Ohm
6.5 Amp 1,54 Ohm
7.5 Amp 1.33 Ohm
8.5 Amp 1.18 Ohm
9.5 Amp 1.05 Ohm
10.5 Amp 0.95 Ohm
12.8 Amp 0.78 Ohm
15.1 Amp 0.66 Ohm
17,4 Amp 0.57 Ohm
19.7 Amp 0,51 Ohm
22 Amp 0.45 Ohm
24.3 Amp 0.41 Ohm
26.6 Amp 0.38 Ohm
28.9 Amp 0.35 Ohm
31.2 Amp 0.32 Ohm
33.5 Amp 0.30 Ohm
35.8 Amp 0.28 Ohm
38.1 Amp 0.26 Ohm
40.4 Amp 0.25 Ohm
42.7 Amp 0.23 Ohm
45 Amp 0.22 Ohm
47.3 Amp 0.21 Ohm
49.6 Amp 0.20 Ohm
51.9 Amp 0.19 Ohm
54.2 Amp 0.18 Ohm

Note: The changes of amps to resistance of the previous table were made taking into account a voltage of 10V. For different variables you should use the calculator that appears at the beginning.

How to use the Amperes to resistance calculator:

You must have the voltage and amperage, then you must insert the variables in the table as shown, first the voltage and then the amperage.

Rate conversion from Amperes to resistance (Ohm Law): [kkstarratings]