Volts Line-Line to Line-Neutral – Convert Phase-Phase to Phase-Neutral

Here you will find how to convert from Linea to Linea voltage to Linea to Neutro voltage automatically, easily and free, for greater ease in our case the word Phase is similar to Linea.

We also have the formula that is used in the Line-Line to Line-Neutral Voltage calculation, the steps to go from the Line-Line to Line-Neutral Voltage with many illustrated examples and a table with the main Line-Line Voltage conversions to Line-Neutral.

Formula Voltage Phase-Phase to Phase-Neutral:

Volt LL to LN

  • LN = Volts line-neutral.
  • LL = Volts line-line.

How to convert Phase-Phase Voltage to Phase-Neutral in 1 step only:

How to convert Phase-Phase Voltage to Phase-Neutral in 1 step only

Step 1:

It is very easy, you only have to divide the Voltage Line to Line (Phase-Phase) between root of 3 (√3). Example: One Condenser air conditioner has a phase-phase voltage of 480V, to know the phase-neutral voltage of the condenser simply divide 480V between √3, being as follows: 480V / √3, resulting in 277V.

Examples of conversion of Phase-Phase to Phase-Neutral Voltage:

Example 1:

A stamping machine has a Line-to-Line voltage of 240Volts, how many Volts Linea Neutral has the stamping machine ?.

Answer: // To know the Linea-Neutral voltage of the press, the line-to-line voltage divided by three must be divided in the following way: V LN = 240V / √3, which will result in 138 Volts Neutral Line.

Example 2:

An insdustrial die cutter has a phase-phase voltage of 600Volts, how much will be the Phase-Neutral voltage that this machine will have?

Answer: // The solution is simple, you only have to divide 600Volts between the root of 3, in the following way: V LN = 600V / √3 = 346Voltios Phase-Neutral.

Example 3:

A coffee mill has a voltage of 13200Volts line to line, how much Linea to Neutral voltage will the mill have?

Answer: // To know the answer you should only divide the line-line voltage between √3, by means of the formula V LN = 13200V / √3, obtaining as result: 7621Voltios Linea-Neutro.

Phase-Phase to Phase-Neutral Voltage Conversion Table:

How much Phase-Phase Voltage areEquivalence Phase-Neutral Voltage
190 Volts FFEquivalent to 110 Volts Phase-Neutral
208 Volts FF120 Volts FN
220 Volts FF127 Volts FN
230 Volts FF133 Volts FN
240 Volts FF139 Volts FN
380 Volts FF219 Volts FN
400 Volts FF231 Volts FN
415 Volts FF240 Volts FN
440 Volts FF254 Volts FN
460 Volts FF266 Volts FN
480 Volts FF277 Volts FN
500 Volts FF289 Volts FN
600 Volts FF346 Volts FN
4160 Volts FF2402 Volts FN
11400 Volts FF6582 Volts FN
13200 Volts FF7621 Volts FN
15000 Volts FF8660 Volts FN
34500 Volts FF19919 Volts FN
44000 Volts FF25403 Volts FN
57500 Volts FF33198 Volts FN
66000 Volts FF38105 Volts FN
115000 Volts FF66395 Volts FN

How to use the Phase-Phase to Phase-Neutral Voltage calculator:

The first and only thing you must do is insert the line voltage to line you want to convert then you should click on the convert button and go.

Single-phase three-wire:

monofasico 3 hilos

Also known as Edison system, divided or neutral phase with central intake. This is the most common residential service in North America. Line 1 to neutral and line 2 to neutral are used to power loads of 120 volts of lighting and electrical outlets. Line 1 to line 2 is used to feed 240 volt single-phase loads, such as a water heater or an air conditioner. Eye these lines in this case are not equivalent to Phases, are threads not Phases or lines.

Three-phase Wye Wye:

Three-phase Wye Wye

The most common commercial construction electrical service in North America is 120/208 volts in star, which is used to power 120 volt outlet loads, lighting and smaller HVAC systems.

In larger installations, the voltage is 277/480 volts and is used to supply a phase-neutral voltage of 277 volts of illumination and higher HVAC loads. In western Canada 347 / 600V is more common.

Three-phase three-wire Delta:

Three-phase three-wire Delta

It is mainly used in industrial facilities to provide power for three-phase motor loads and utility utility power distribution applications. Rated service voltages of 240, 400, 480, 600 and higher are typical.

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