The power factor values ​​for the most common equipment and appliances

The power factor is the ratio between the “useful” working power kW and the apparent power kVA, this measures the efficiency with which electric power is used and is related by this formula fp = kW / kVA.

A high power factor allows efficient use of energy, while a low power factor indicates poor utilization of electrical power.

Each equipment or load has its own power factor and depends on the resistive or inductive load, some typical or common values ​​for buildings, appliances and motors are shown below.

Typical power factor in household appliances:

Electronic equipmentPower factor
Magnavox Projection TV – standby0.37
Samsung 70 “3D Bluray0.48
Digital photo frame0,52
ViewSonic Monitor0.5
Dell Monitor0.55
Projector Magnavox Projection TV0.58
Digital photo frame0.6
Digital photo frame0.62
Digital photo frame0.65
Projector Philips 52 “Projection TV0.65
Wii video game console0.7
Digital photo frame0.73
Video game console Xbox Kinect0.75
Xbox 360 video game console0.78
Microwave oven0.9
Television Sharp Aquos 3D TV0.95
PS3 Move video game console0.98
Playstation 3 video game console0.99
Element TV 41 “Plasma TV0.99
Current large, flat-screen television0.96
Window air conditioner0.9
Legacy color television CRT-Based color television0.7
Computer monitor Legacy flat panel computer monitor0.64
White LED luminaire0.7-0.9
Portable adapter0.55
Laser printer0.5
Incandescent lampone
Fluorescent lamp (uncompensated)0.5
Fluorescent lamp (compensated)0.93
Discharge lamp0.4-0.6

Reference // 2014 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings /

Typical power factor in different constructions:

buildingsPower factor
Auto parts0.75-0.80
Coal mine0.65-0.80
Machine manufacturing0.60-0.65
Metallurgy 0.65-0.70
Office building0.80-0.90
Oil pumping0.40-0.60
Paint Manufacturing0.65-0.70
Work with Steel0.65-0.80

Reference // IEEE Std 141-1993 (IEEE Red Book)

Industrial load:

Induction motor0.7-0.8
Electric arc furnaces0.6-0.8
DC Drives, AC VFDs
(Variable speed drives)
Fluorescent lights (magnetic ballasts)0.7-0.8

Reference //

Motor power factors:

Horse powerSpeedPower factor
(hp)(rpm)1/2 load3/4 loadFull load
0 – 518000.720.820.84
5 – 2018000.740.840.86
20 – 10018000.790.860.89
100 – 30018000.810.880.91

Reference // Power Factor in Electrical Energy Management-A. Bhatia, BE-2012 
Power Factor Requirements for Electronic Loads in California- Brian Fortenbery, 2014