Megavolt to volt Calculator, with formula, example and table

This calculator is used to convert online from Megavolts to volts automatically, only have to enter the values ​​in the calculator.

We also explain how to convert from megavolts to volts in 1 single step, examples, with the formula used for the calculation and a table of megavolt to volt conversions.

Formula to convert or pass, calculate and transform from megavolts to volts, single-phase, two-phase and three-phase:

megavolts a volts

  • Volt = volts.
  • Megavoltios


How to convert or switch from megavolts to Volts in just 1 step:

How to convert Megavolt to volt

Step 1:

You must multiply the Megavolts by 1000000. This is an example: if you have a motor with a voltage of 0.1 Megavolts, you must multiply 0.1MV * 1000000 and the result will be 100000Voltios.


Examples of Megavolt to Volt conversions:

Example 1:

An industrial machine has a voltage of 1Megavolt, how many volts will this machine have?

Rta: // You must multiply 1Megavolts per 1000000, which will get 1000000Volt.

Example 2:

A transmission line has a voltage of 3Megavolts, how many volts does this transmission line have?

Rta: // You must multiply the megavolts by 1000000, 3Megavoltiosx1000000 = 3000000Voltios.

Example 3:

A medical team has a voltage of 20 Megavolts, how many volts does the medical equipment have?

Rta: // You only have to multiply 20Megavolts per 1000000, in the following way: 20 × 1000000 = 20000000Voltios.


Megavolt to volts table:

How many are Megavolts Equivalent to Volts
0.1 Megavolts 100000 Volts
0.2 Megavolts 200000 Volts
0.3 Megavolts 300000 Volts
0.4 Megavolts  400000 Volts
0.5 Megavolts  500000 Volts
0.6 Megavolts  600000 Volts
0.7 Megavolts 700000 Volts
0.8 Megavolts  800000 Volts
0.9 Megavolts 900000 Volts
1 Megavolts 1000000 Volts
2 Megavolts  2000000 Volts
 3 Megavolts 3000000 Volts
4 Megavolts 4000000 Volts
 5 Megavolts 5000000 Volts
 6 Megavolts  6000000 Volts
7 Megavolts 7000000 Volts
8 Megavolts 8000000 Volts
9 Megavolts  9000000 Volts
10 Megavolts 10000000 Volts


How to use the megavolt to volts tool:

It’s simple you just have to enter the megavolts in the box that indicates it in the calculator, then you click to calculate and convert, if you want to enter new data you must click on reset.

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