Amp to kVA conversion – calculations for transformer and generator free.

With this calculator you can convert from Amps. to kVA or kVA to Amps easily, quickly and free any electric power.

For greater ease we explain which formula is used for the calculation, how to calculate from Amp. to kVA in 1 single step , several examples and a table with the main Amps to kVA conversions.

Amp. to kVA calculation formula for generator and transformer, AC, 3 phase, 2 phase, 1 phase:

formula Amps to kVA

  • IAC=Ampere.
  • VL-L=Volts Line-Line.
  • VL-N=Volts Line-Neutral.
  • IAC1Ø=Current/Ampere 1 phase.
  • IAC2Ø=Current/Ampere 2 phase.
  • IAC3Ø=Current/Ampere 3 phase.

How to convert Amp. to kVA in only 1 step:

How to convert Amperes to kVA in only 1 step

Step 1:

Multiply the amps by the voltage indicated in the formula and divide them by 1000. For example, a three-phase fan (3P) has a current of 10 A with a voltage of 208 VL-L, multiply 10 A by the voltage of 208 V , the root of three and divide by 1000, which will result in: 3,6kVA. (10Ax208Vx√3) / 1000 = 3,6kVA).

Examples of Amps to kVA conversions:

Example 1:

A monophasic hair dryer has an amperage of 2 Amp and a voltage of 110V, how much power in kVA will the dryer have ?.

Answer: // The only thing to do is multiply the Amps by the voltage and the result divide it by 1000, in the following way: (2Ampx110V) / 1000 = 0.22kVA.

Example 2:

A three-phase industrial juice extractor has an amperage of 1, amperes and a voltage of 208V (Volts LL), how many kVA will the extractor have?

Answer: // To know the result, you must multiply the voltage by the amperage and by the root of three, and then divide the result by 1000, in the following way: (1.4Ampx208Vx√3) / 1000 = 0.5kVA

Example 3:

A three-phase washing machine for a hotel, has a 4Amp amperage and a voltage of 220Volts (Volts Linea-Linea), how many kVA will the washing machine have?

Answer: // As in the previous examples we must multiply 4 amperex220Voltsx√3, the result of this multiplication should be divided by 1000, for a result of: 1,52kVA

Amp. to kVA, table for conversion, equivalence, transformation (Voltage = 220, AC, 3F):

How many Amps are: Equivalence in kVA
10 Amps Equivalent to 3.81 kVA
20 Amps 7.62 kVA
30 Amps 11.43 kVA
40 Amps 15.24 kVA
50 Amps 19.05 kVA
60 Amps 22.86 kVA
70 Amps 26.67 kVA
80 Amps 30.48 kVA
90 Amps 34.29 kVA
100 Amps 38.11 kVA
200 Amps 76.21 kVA
300 Amps 114.32 kVA
400 Amps 152.42 kVA
500 Amps 190.53 kVA
600 Amps 228.63 kVA
700 Amps 266.74 kVA
800 Amps 304.84 kVA
900 Amps 342.95 kVA
1000 Amps 381.05 kVA
2000 Amps 762.10 kVA
3000 Amperes 1143.15 kVA
4000 Amps 1524.20 kVA
5000 Amps 1905.26 kVA

Note : The conversions of the previous table were made taking into account a voltage of 220V, with a three-phase AC power. For different variables you should use the calculator that appears at the beginning.

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