CV to Hp (Horsepower) – Calculator, formula, how convert and table.

Calculating from CV to HP is very simple with this quick calculator.

We also have the formula used in the conversion and a CV to HP table.

CV to Hp conversion formula:

formula CV to HP

  • H.P=Horsepower.
  • CV=Cheval-Vapeur.

How to convert CV to HP in only 1 step:

How to convert CV to Hp

Step 1:

Multiply CV by 0.9863, for example if a motor has 100 CV, you must multiply 100 CVx0.9863 and you will choose 98.6 HP. It is easy.

Definition CV and H.P:

H.P = The horsepower, also called power horse – since it is a measure of power and not force – and in English horsepower, is the name of several units of power measurement used in the Anglo-Saxon system. It denotes hp, HP or Hp, from the English term horsepower, expression that was coined by James Watt in 1782 to compare the power of steam engines with the power of draft horses. Later it was extended to include the output power of the other types of piston engines, as well as turbines, electric motors and other machinery.

C.V = The horse of steam (CV) is a unit of power measurement that is defined as the power needed to vertically lift a weight of 75 kgf to 1 m in height in 1 s. When trying to impose the Metric Decimal System, originated in France, for the power unit we looked for a value similar to the English horsepower, but using decimal units. Thus was born the steam horse, cheval-vapeur in French (CV). In its definition (as seen at the beginning of this article) units of the Decimal Metric System are used. It is only 1.368% less than the English horsepower.

CV to Hp converter table-chart:

How many 1 Cv0,9863 Hp
How many 2 Cv1,9726 Hp
How many 3 Cv2,9589 Hp
How many 4 Cv3,9452 Hp
How many 5 Cv4,9315 Hp
How many 6 Cv5,9178 Hp
How many 7 Cv6,9041 Hp
How many 8 Cv7,8904 Hp
How many 9 Cv8,8767 Hp
How many 10 Cv9,863 Hp
How many 20 Cv19,726 Hp
How many 30 Cv29,589 Hp
How many 40 Cv39,452 Hp
How many 50 Cv49,315 Hp
How many 60 Cv59,178 Hp
How many 70 Cv69,041 Hp
How many 80 Cv78,904 Hp
How many 90 Cv88,767 Hp
How many 100 Cv98,63 Hp
How many 200 Cv197,26 Hp
How many 300 Cv295,89 Hp
How many 400 Cv394,52 Hp
How many 500 Cv493,15 Hp
How many 600 Cv591,78 Hp
How many 700 Cv690,41 Hp
How many 800 Cv789,04 Hp
How many 900 Cv887,67 Hp
How many 1000 Cv986,3 Hp
How many 1100 Cv1084,93 Hp
How many 1200 Cv1183,56 Hp
How many 1300 Cv1282,19 Hp
How many 1400 Cv1380,82 Hp
How many 1500 Cv1479,45 Hp
How many 1600 Cv1578,08 Hp

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